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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Project Runway, What'd I Tell Ya? And,American Idol!

So, who's gone from last week? Hmm..mmm, yep. Looked like Santino and Nick for a moment there, yes? Of course, the show couldn't cut the big guns so soon. (Can't say I wanted Nick to go anyway.) Although the gentlemens' design was probably the worst, the two ladies who bit the dust were the most deserving of it overall. Why can't the show admit that the judging is at least partially based on a cumlative effort? And this week? Santino, Santino, what the heck were you thinking? Really, after seeing this it almost seems like he wants to be cut. But of course, he stays on, undoubtly due to the "creative vision" he adds to the show. Your time will come, my friend, your time will come. This show, while very entertaining, has thus far been entirely too predictable. Shake it up!

On to American Idol. Finally, the show begins! While Simon is again harsh, too harsh in some instances ("lose the beard, wear a dress, be a female impersonator"!!??), the hopefuls should by now have known what to expect and been prepared for it. Here's looking forward to what those who skated through bring to the table.


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