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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

While we're waiting....

Many of the latest slew of reality shows just had their finales, and Project Runway 2 is on a brief hiatus, but while we're waiting for it's return let's go over where we stand so far.

1) Santino Rice The pictures in the link really paint an accurate picture of this man's arrogance. He is extremely talented, and applies techniques I haven't seen before in either season of this show, but since these techniques are so unique and he applies them in every design, all of his work is beginning to look the same to me. Even his lingerie debacle managed to incorporate some of the same things his more winning outfits had. Mr. S., you need a major humbling experience and some new design inspiration or people will find you a stale bore before you know it.

2) And you are? Show me something, I can't remember you.

3) Diana Eng Get a lot of confidence and a little polish and you could be in this for the long haul.

4) Chloe Dao I'm already a little bored with your designs, but you have a lot of potential.

5) Emmett McCarthy I know you can't sew, but not much else.

6) Boohoo Shape up, little fellow, because right now both your attitude and your designs need some work.

7) Hmmmm Don't have much to say about you except calm yourself down and snazz your designs up.

8) Nick Verreos No complaints so far. Definite possible winner.

9) Edwina Scissorhands I fear your haste with the scissors will be your demise.

10) And you are? Part II I know your team just won a challenge, but I need to see more.

11) Goodbye. I'm sorry, you have more talent at this than I could ever imagine having, and I'm sure you're very successful, but you are not impressing me. You are an apprentice seamstress among artisans, and may sneak by in the shadow of others' great errors, but your time will come.


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