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Friday, December 30, 2005

Membership in a fan club..surprise!

I was momentarily motivated to check on the status of another So You Think You Can Dance installment, and in perusing the Fox website noticed an option to receive a newsletter regarding this show. Since I struck out everywhere else as far as getting anything beyond recaps of the first season, I figured I'd sign up for it and see if there was any new information to be had. I was asked to enter my name and e-mail to "receive the latest information on So You Think You Can Dance." After I entered my information I was surprised to be thanked for joining the show's fan club. My first fan club ever. When I think fan club I think Davey Jones Fan Club, and when I think of that, I think of goofy slogans, rallies, and Marcia Brady. And of swooning, definitely of swooning.

I think I'm too old for fan clubs.

Edited to add: Marcia Brady (aka her real name, Maureen McCormick) has a fan club of her own that is still active, and was actually started in 1997, well after her stint with the Bradys. Now that's coming full circle, kind of. I suppose somebody in a sitcom would have to play the president of her fan club and then, preferably after some tense moments, Maureen/Marcia would have to make a guest appearance to obtain a completed circle. Would she have to make the appearance as Maureen or Marcia to complete the circle, though? And no, I didn't join. Or "sign up for a newsletter."


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