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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Martha Stewart Apprentice

I'm still a bit confused by Martha's choice for her apprentice, but am even more perplexed by the statement she made to Bethenny before the big announcement...something along the lines of, "You're spunky, stuck-up, and use your physical appearance, which we don't do here at MSLO." What? Where did that come from?

On a different note, happy new year! "It's a good thing."

Why did Martha pick Dawna over Bethenny?
She wanted to elimate Dawna's magazine as competition.
She was jealous of Bethenny's spunky yet less (perhaps) pleasing personality.
Alexis was jealous of Bethenny's spunky and more pleasing personality.
Charles would have felt awkward working with his son's ex-girlfriend.
Martha didn't really want a true apprentice, i.e. 1 a : one bound by indenture to serve another for a prescribed period with a view to learning an art
Why was this called the apprentice, then?


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Friday, December 30, 2005

Membership in a fan club..surprise!

I was momentarily motivated to check on the status of another So You Think You Can Dance installment, and in perusing the Fox website noticed an option to receive a newsletter regarding this show. Since I struck out everywhere else as far as getting anything beyond recaps of the first season, I figured I'd sign up for it and see if there was any new information to be had. I was asked to enter my name and e-mail to "receive the latest information on So You Think You Can Dance." After I entered my information I was surprised to be thanked for joining the show's fan club. My first fan club ever. When I think fan club I think Davey Jones Fan Club, and when I think of that, I think of goofy slogans, rallies, and Marcia Brady. And of swooning, definitely of swooning.

I think I'm too old for fan clubs.

Edited to add: Marcia Brady (aka her real name, Maureen McCormick) has a fan club of her own that is still active, and was actually started in 1997, well after her stint with the Bradys. Now that's coming full circle, kind of. I suppose somebody in a sitcom would have to play the president of her fan club and then, preferably after some tense moments, Maureen/Marcia would have to make a guest appearance to obtain a completed circle. Would she have to make the appearance as Maureen or Marcia to complete the circle, though? And no, I didn't join. Or "sign up for a newsletter."

Thursday, December 29, 2005

So what's coming up?

In addition to the continuation of Project Runway 2, American Idol will be making a reappearance on January 17th. The Bachelor, in Paris this time, will be coming on-air even sooner, on January 9th. While America Idol is an all-time favorite of mine, I've only made it through a couple of episodes of The Bachelor in sum, among all of the seasons. It just never held my interest, but I'll be giving it a try again and we'll see if this time is a charm.

Nanny 911 and Wife Swap are also on my regular viewing itinerary, but I'll probably have fairly little to say about these. While they're entertaining, there's no continuing plot line so nothing to speculate on. I may need to comment a bit on extra chaotic families or particularly taxing swaps, though.

MTV and VH1 shows are off my list. Once I've seen one drunken Real World fiasco/Road Rules challenge/Peter Brady PDA I've seen them all.

Hmmm....what else is coming up? Pretty sparse pickings after the Survivor/Amazing Race/Martha Stewart Apprentice/Trump Apprentince lineup. I loved So You Think You Can Dance which preceded these shows, and wish there was news on another installment.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

While we're waiting....

Many of the latest slew of reality shows just had their finales, and Project Runway 2 is on a brief hiatus, but while we're waiting for it's return let's go over where we stand so far.

1) Santino Rice The pictures in the link really paint an accurate picture of this man's arrogance. He is extremely talented, and applies techniques I haven't seen before in either season of this show, but since these techniques are so unique and he applies them in every design, all of his work is beginning to look the same to me. Even his lingerie debacle managed to incorporate some of the same things his more winning outfits had. Mr. S., you need a major humbling experience and some new design inspiration or people will find you a stale bore before you know it.

2) And you are? Show me something, I can't remember you.

3) Diana Eng Get a lot of confidence and a little polish and you could be in this for the long haul.

4) Chloe Dao I'm already a little bored with your designs, but you have a lot of potential.

5) Emmett McCarthy I know you can't sew, but not much else.

6) Boohoo Shape up, little fellow, because right now both your attitude and your designs need some work.

7) Hmmmm Don't have much to say about you except calm yourself down and snazz your designs up.

8) Nick Verreos No complaints so far. Definite possible winner.

9) Edwina Scissorhands I fear your haste with the scissors will be your demise.

10) And you are? Part II I know your team just won a challenge, but I need to see more.

11) Goodbye. I'm sorry, you have more talent at this than I could ever imagine having, and I'm sure you're very successful, but you are not impressing me. You are an apprentice seamstress among artisans, and may sneak by in the shadow of others' great errors, but your time will come.

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