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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Project Runway, What'd I Tell Ya? And,American Idol!

So, who's gone from last week? Hmm..mmm, yep. Looked like Santino and Nick for a moment there, yes? Of course, the show couldn't cut the big guns so soon. (Can't say I wanted Nick to go anyway.) Although the gentlemens' design was probably the worst, the two ladies who bit the dust were the most deserving of it overall. Why can't the show admit that the judging is at least partially based on a cumlative effort? And this week? Santino, Santino, what the heck were you thinking? Really, after seeing this it almost seems like he wants to be cut. But of course, he stays on, undoubtly due to the "creative vision" he adds to the show. Your time will come, my friend, your time will come. This show, while very entertaining, has thus far been entirely too predictable. Shake it up!

On to American Idol. Finally, the show begins! While Simon is again harsh, too harsh in some instances ("lose the beard, wear a dress, be a female impersonator"!!??), the hopefuls should by now have known what to expect and been prepared for it. Here's looking forward to what those who skated through bring to the table.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Reproductive inclinations....Bachelor Paris!

Wow! Book smarts don't exactly equate street smarts, or more specifically, people smarts. What's with that oncologist...she's a little out there. Good riddance. Although not one of my originally favorite shows, The Bachelor Paris is breaking the mold. We have a strong protagonist, with some absolutely memorable ladies (antagonists some, or most!) to round it out. I say watch for the redhead....shots of her seemed to show her looking quite, hm, perturbed, to put it mildly. The first rose recipient seems not so sharp and may be lost in the shuffle, but there may be more to that yet, who knows. The bachelor himself seems to be quite a catch, and you wonder why he doesn't have somebody back home already....anybody? Maybe we'll find out he's a kook himself.

Guess I'll be watching this season, for now.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

"Where the hell is my chiffon?"

Finally there was a new Project Runway last night, and while it was good it was hardly surprising. As I suspected, Marla managed to pull through only by the grace of another's major error, this time in the form of Guadalupe's newest atrocity, the ancestors of which can be seen here while waiting for this final garment to be pictured. Santino has become cockier, still has great workmanship, and seemingly to me continues to create different versions of the same concept. Nick is still doing well, as is Chloe, although I am still a bit ho-hum about her designs. My favorite part of this show was hearing the quote shown in the title here which was made by a person off-screen, I believe Nick, during a montage moment of chaos. Please continue to turn the heat up, Nick and Chloe, as we don't want this turning into the Santino Show.

ETA: Guadelupe's final garment.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We Watch Katamari

Well, we watch reality tv, but we also play Katamri Damacy when there's nothing new (or interesting) to be had in the reality tv genre. While anxiously awaiting the next Project Runway, I've been playing this quite regularly. If you count regularly as moments spent after the older kids are in bed, happily and completely (9pm), and the baby is relatively quiet for brief spurts of time (ever?), then you know what kind of time I'm talking about. The Katamari game is in itself a visit to reality if reality can be counted as rolling up various wonders and non-wonders of the world into a large, living ball of matter.

What, you say? Try it out and tell me it isn't addictive.

Also, the Iron Chef America marathon was awesome and totally blew my New Year's healthy eating resolution to smithereens with the first round of taste-testing. I just couldn't watch that delicious food being eaten and commented on without tasting of deliciousness myself. Well, a deliciousness substitute. Well, food. White Castle. Got to make do with what you have.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Iron Chef America

Iron Chef America Marathon! Today! What better way to ring in the new year? I have to admit that while I love the original Iron Chef (crunch that pepper) I haven't caught many episodes of the American version. While it's watered-down as far as commentary (you just can't beat the translations in the original), the judges seem more valid and well versed in their trade.

Just make sure that you have snacks on hand while you watch it.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Martha Stewart Apprentice

I'm still a bit confused by Martha's choice for her apprentice, but am even more perplexed by the statement she made to Bethenny before the big announcement...something along the lines of, "You're spunky, stuck-up, and use your physical appearance, which we don't do here at MSLO." What? Where did that come from?

On a different note, happy new year! "It's a good thing."

Why did Martha pick Dawna over Bethenny?
She wanted to elimate Dawna's magazine as competition.
She was jealous of Bethenny's spunky yet less (perhaps) pleasing personality.
Alexis was jealous of Bethenny's spunky and more pleasing personality.
Charles would have felt awkward working with his son's ex-girlfriend.
Martha didn't really want a true apprentice, i.e. 1 a : one bound by indenture to serve another for a prescribed period with a view to learning an art
Why was this called the apprentice, then?


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Friday, December 30, 2005

Membership in a fan club..surprise!

I was momentarily motivated to check on the status of another So You Think You Can Dance installment, and in perusing the Fox website noticed an option to receive a newsletter regarding this show. Since I struck out everywhere else as far as getting anything beyond recaps of the first season, I figured I'd sign up for it and see if there was any new information to be had. I was asked to enter my name and e-mail to "receive the latest information on So You Think You Can Dance." After I entered my information I was surprised to be thanked for joining the show's fan club. My first fan club ever. When I think fan club I think Davey Jones Fan Club, and when I think of that, I think of goofy slogans, rallies, and Marcia Brady. And of swooning, definitely of swooning.

I think I'm too old for fan clubs.

Edited to add: Marcia Brady (aka her real name, Maureen McCormick) has a fan club of her own that is still active, and was actually started in 1997, well after her stint with the Bradys. Now that's coming full circle, kind of. I suppose somebody in a sitcom would have to play the president of her fan club and then, preferably after some tense moments, Maureen/Marcia would have to make a guest appearance to obtain a completed circle. Would she have to make the appearance as Maureen or Marcia to complete the circle, though? And no, I didn't join. Or "sign up for a newsletter."

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